Case Study: Client A

Client A presented with a fear of flying.  Interestingly enough, had taken many domestic flights within Australia and long haul flights to Europe but all of these had been accompanied by another person, their partner.  An opportunity had arisen in the workplace for the client to travel to New Zealand for business purposes and this travel would be unaccompanied by anyone from the office or home.  A longstanding anxiety with air travel started to occur and began to manifest in panic and being fearful about how to cope flying alone.  We worked together for just one session the first part of which I assisted the client by creating an anchor (NLP process) for her anxiety, stacking this several times to emphasise that no anxiousness would be felt.  In fact, on depression of the anchor the client would begin to feel a growing excitement about the journey and start to enjoy the trip.  This process was followed in the same appointment by a hypnotherapy session, embedding positive suggestions around relaxation during travel, the elimination of any anxiety and again the enjoyment of taking the trip and it being a successful experience.  The client reported back that the trip had been a success and was extremely grateful to have the anchor as the return journey had been very turbulent and felt that the anchor abated the anxiety significantly.  They do not envisage any future anxiety concerns with having to travel alone by air.

Case Study: Client B

Client B was referred to a hypnotherapy session for cessation of smoking.  The client had successfully given up smoking in the past but had regressed although not to same extent as previously.  The trigger with this client was that they really wished to give up smoking for health and fitness reasons as they were hoping to secure a job that would require them to have a high degree of fitness and knew that continuation of smoking would diminish their performance on an ongoing basis.  In the second hypnotherapy session conducted, before we started the hypnosis section we worked together and I assisted the client though an NLP process called the Swish Pattern.  In this process the client visualised a picture of themselves smoking being replaced by a fit and healthy person with a new career change.  We continued with a hypnosis session using a metaphor scripting (story containing embedded suggestions for the unconscious mind) and a replacing smoking cessation script changing this to an increase in exercising and the benefits that would be felt.  Client B advises that the smoking and associated urges have ceased and that they are concentrating on increasing levels of fitness knowing that they are doing everything in their power to make their change.

Case Study: Client C

Client C  wished to rid themselves of the urge to pick up a piece of chocolate whenever they were not doing something else and eat with really no acknowledgement that they were doing this.  After exploring their relationship with chocolate and unearthing that this was in fact something that dated back to childhood, it represented a reward for not being a “popular” child at school.  We conducted a hypnotherapy session that worked to remove anxiety and reframing what chocolate meant to the client.  We worked to establish the removal of obstacles, increasing their self-esteem and mastering the ability to enjoy chocolate in a small serve without the need to overdose every day.  The client now has a different relationship with chocolate and a great self-belief in themselves and their confidence levels.

Case Study: Client D

Client D started to have difficulty driving at night, particularly on their own and this fear began to manifest as a rise in anxiety levels and had on occasions developed into a panic attack.  The fear was beginning to impinge on their life given that they needed their partner to accompany them, or drive them to events if they were going to venture away from home in darkness.  On exploring through conversation when this had begun and taking note of the increased stress that this client had in their life which was exacerbated by a number of things; moving house, family distress and increased work commitments.  The fear around driving in darkness had just developed, almost overnight.  We worked through a hypnotherapy session firstly removing anxiety and then with a tailored driving script adding in a confidence booster and the implementation of orientating future personal goals.  Client D now drives at night with ease and is managing the stress in their life admirably.

 People respond well to someone who’s sure of what they want.” – Anna Winter